About the Gift Shop

About the Gift Shop

We sell an extensive range of Jewellery, Animals, China and Fairy related products, from our gift shop in Burley. Before the fairies and their animal friends took up residence it had previously been a Flower Shop, Hairdressers, and a Gift Shop in the past.  We hope that you will enjoy walking around the New Forest and popping in to see us.

The Local Area

Burley is known for being the best village in the New Forest for ancient folklore.

“From Horses to Dragons, Smugglers to Kings and Witches to Fairies.”

Burley has had a resident White Witch, a slayed Dragon and a smugglers secret cellar in a local pub to name but a few.

The New Forest was proclaimed a “Royal Hunting Ground” in about 1079 by William the Conqueror. As time went by the royal hunting rights became less important.  William the conqueror gave the local residents (known as commoners) rights for their ponies/cattle and pigs to roam free across the land.  A tradition that is still in place today.

So, you will see the ponies, cattle, deer, and all wildlife throughout the year.  The pigs come out in the Autumn (Known as Pannage) to eat all the acorns before the ponies get them as they are poisonous to the ponies if they eat too many.

Apart from the animals, Burley is full of great small businesses, a good community spirit, all helping each other.  Lots of locally made products and produce.

To find Burley, we are located towards the western edge of the New Forest, 4 miles South East of the town of Ringwood.

We look forward to welcoming you.